Holiday Event Planning – 7 Questions to Answer First

With the holidays quickly approaching, it is time to start planning your holiday events. Be it a family event, corporate event, or simple get togethers with the girls, make sure your event is the holiday show stopper! Here are SEVEN questions that you should ask yourself early to make sure you’re the host with the most…and less stressed. 

1. When am I having my event?

You want to make sure you’re considerate of your guests and their already hectic schedules. I always suggest taking a poll of various guests (not all) that you plan to invite. Be mindful of travel obligations as well as corporate functions – if this is not what you’re planning. Be sure you have ample planning time! Whether you’re planning to do this on your own or hiring an event planning professional will help determine how much time is necessary but always try to give yourself (and your guests) enough time to properly prepare.

2. How much (what’s the budget)?

One of the most important questions to answer is how much you want to spend on your holiday event. This sets the bar for the entire planning process. Be realistic. Make sure your budget is enough to properly put on the event for the amount of guests you plan to invite, but don’t put yourself in debt over the event. Also, if you’re planning this with others decide if you’re going to each be responsible for seperate parts of the event or if you’ll be pulling your money together.

3. Why am I having this event?

Are you celebrating something special? People have holiday events for many reasons. Are you boosting the morale of the folks in the office? Providing your friends with a fun event to ring in the new year? Having an intimate sit down dinner with your closest family and friends? Answering this question early will assist you in answering who to invite, where to have your event, and what type of event to have (which will come later).

4. Who’s on the guest list?

Why you’re having this event will pretty much answer this question for you. There is, however, more that answering this question will assist you with. Things like music, menu (and how much of that menu), and time of day will be determined by who you invite. If you’re inviting Sasha, her husband, and her three small children, a party that begins at 9pm where there will be drinking isn’t the best option. Be direct as to who’s invited and as detailed as possible. Is bringing someone appropritate? Is this event child friendly? Being upfront is being considerate.

5. What type of event am I having?

You have to consider what type of event this is. You could be planning a casual affair for your staff or a formal fundraising gala. This is the time when you will begin to DESIGN your event…what does it look and feel like? Have you thought about a theme? Coming up with how you want your guests to look is a great place to start.

6. Where am I having this event?

We’ve all heard it before…location, location, location. This can be one of the most difficult questions to answer but having a set budget and a number of guests makes it A LOT easier to answer. This is the best thing to get out of the way early. You’ll feel better once you have a set venue. Remember: finding your ideal venue gets harder as time goes by. There’s no new idea under the sun…meaining someone else is eyeing your favorite restaurant or event hall as well. Move quickly but not in haste.

7. Do I need help?

This is where I come in, lol! Seriously, don’t be afraid to ask for help. As much as we’d all like to think we are Superman or Wonder Woman, we cannot do it all. Having an event planner will take the stress off of you and not only are you able to ENJOY your event, you will still hear all of the praises. An event planner can also come in on the front end and be responsible for your event design and vendors or just be responsible for day of coordination to ensure things go smoothly. Either way, the event planner is there to help you have your best event your way (well, at least that’s the SEVEN way). 😉

All Love…All the Time


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