Make this Valentine’s Day Special

SEVEN is playing Cupid with today’s posting! Here are some things you can do to make this Valentine’s Day great for that special someone or for yourself.

Tried and True…Skip the fancy restaurant!

You can save yourself time, money, and a lack of intimacy by preparing a romantic meal for your sweetie. Plan ahead by choosing your recipe days ahead of time and making your trip to the grocery store early in the day (if you can). Be sure to pay attention to your prep and cooking time…especially if this is a surprise. Light candles, create a playlist of songs, and pay attention to “the favs.” The favs include favorite colors, scents, foods, songs, etc. Showing that you listen is an amazing gift in and of itself. 

Cook all the time? You can still put a unique spin on the idea by preparing a meal on the go. Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday this year so you can toss your sweetie’s favorite things in a basket and have lunch together. If you two have the day off, go to a favorite place with the goodies in tow.

The Search for Love…

One of the best Valentine’s Days I had included a scavenger hunt. I was in highschool and it still goes down as one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me. Send that special someone on a search for a message, gift, or a place that he/she may have mentioned in conversation.

Start by figuring out what you want him/her to find then drop the first hint. The first hint can be sent via text, card, picture, email, or tweet. 🙂 From there, you will need to make sure your hints are easy enough to find but hid well enough to offer a challenge. This is also a GREAT way to propose or get children involved!

Celebrating YOU!

If you’re single, why not celebrate yourself? Take a day to pamper yourself or do something for/with someone else. Treat yourself to your favorite meal/restaurant, have a spa day, or buy something nice for yourself. You can also use this same concept for your friends or family members that are also single. You can treat them or you all can front your own bills but doing it together is what matters.

Take a Trip without Leaving the City…

Pack a bag (figuratively) and take your special someone somewhere they’ve always wanted to go. Using myself as an example, I would really like to tour Europe one day SOON! For someone with that same desire in mind, you can prepare an Italian meal (pasta is an easy way to go), purchase an Italian wine, find music/movies from Spain, go to a museum showcasing Roman structure or mythology, etc. A cute addition would be creating things like a plane ticket, boarding pass, or passport. You can even pack a bag and hold your European getaway at a nice hotel.

Give Back…

Have a passion for giving back? Take the time to visit a hospital, school, mission, etc and give the gift of love to someone else. You can choose to do this alone or with your special someone, friends, or family members. It will be unexpected but very well appreciated. After all, love is the gift that you can choose to give to anyone. 🙂

Signed, Sealed, Delivered…

I’m a softy for thoughtful gestures. In a time where everyone is so busy and so tech savvy, it’s nice to get a handwritten letter and hand-crafted gift. Take the time to offer a hands on approach.

All Love…All the Time


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