2011’s Wedding Trends

2010 brought many wedding trends that are sticking around in 2011. The most influential trend of those is the DIY wedding. Below you will find this trend and others (new and “old”) that you’ll see this year.

Add a Pop of Color

Many brides are no longer dressed all in white. Although I have seen wedding dresses in all colors, I’m still a stickler for the white…or white-like dress. I do, however, love to see a bride add a pop of color to her look. This can be done with a sash/belt, jewelry, shoes etc. One of the pictures I pulled even shows bridesmaids getting in on the action with different color shoes and jewelry (great way to add personality to the bridal party).

Take it Personal

Making a wedding personal can be done in two ways. Adding a personal touch can showcase who the couple is or you can get personal with the guests. To showcase the couple, add elements to the wedding that show what hobbies the couple enjoys, culture, organizations they may be affiliated with, or favorite colors, movies, or places.

To get personal with your guests, welcome bags are a great choice! Other than this, a photo booth, making comfortable shoes available, or including them in your toast/presentation are wonderful options as well.


One trend that is here to stay for many couples is the environmentally sound wedding. Proper and creative planning with vintage dresses, recycled invites, and using food and florals from local producers will go a long way. There are now planners and wedding vendors that are committed to the eco-friendly wedding, which makes it even easier to do.

“Green” wedding favors like seeds, plants, and all natural products as well as registering with an organic retailer get the guests in on the action. Take it even further by choosing to forgo the gifts and ask guests to donate to selected charities or ask them to plant a tree in honor of the couple to help promote new tree growth.

Get colorful!

Gone are the days when brides must stick with 2-3 colors for their big day. Many are opting to utilize many colors to create a unique and personal color palette. One of my favorite uses of the multi-color palette is the “jewel tone wedding.” It is a great use of many different colors because, although its an array of color, they are still very complimentary to one another.

DIY – Do It Yourself

This trend became popular in 2010 with the economy, and remains for 2011. The couple picks a few items they feel the strongest about doing  – whether it be favors, welcome bags for guests, etc. and get friends/family together for an assembly line!

All Love…All the Time

One Response to “2011’s Wedding Trends”
  1. Trecie says:

    I love, love, love the pop of color with the bridesmaids wearing different color shoes and accessories!

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