The Purpose of a Theme

Event themes have become more and more popular for “mature” events. Often only used for kids’ parties and Sweet Sixteens, themes are used today for all kinds of events including weddings and adult birthday parties. Below, I have listed a few reasons why you should consider a theme for your next event.

Focus Yourself…

An event theme is a perfect way to focus the event. Many times throughout the planning process, our minds tend to take a detour or we see things that create a roadblock for what we’ve already done. A theme can keep you moving along a certain path, free from distraction, and it ensures that everything makes sense (according to the theme).

Take it Personal…

Selecting a theme that is unique to you or an experience you’ve had is the perfect window into an aspect of your life. For example, if you’re a fan of Vegas, met your spouse-to-be there, or got engaged there, a Vegas theme would be a great way to share that with your guests.

Get Detailed…

Lastly, a well put together theme helps in other areas of the event. A menu, colors scheme, appopriate guest list, etc. can be formulated after a theme is chosen.

All Love…All the Time

2 Responses to “The Purpose of a Theme”
  1. Aaron says:

    What are some other benefits of doing the themes, or what other even would you base this this around, and what are some of your favorite themes

    • Aaron, there are many benefits to themes and aside from those I listed another benefit could be showing attention to detail. If you’re planning an event for someone, you’re sure to gain extra points if you showcase the fact that you listen. 🙂

      Base your theme around things/experiences of importance to you or the guest of honor. You can’t go wrong there.

      I don’t really have a favorite theme but I love Grecian and Egyptian culture so those would be wins for me!


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