Market Your Event via Social Media

1. Tweet This…

Hashtagging popular phrases, words, and events gets the word out quickly to Twitter users. Usually users will click on a hashtag to see what’s being said and who is tweeting about it. To make this effective, encourage your followers to include the hashtag when tweeting about your event each time. If you need to encourage your followers to hashtag about it, you could do giveaways or a prize…if it’s that necessary for you. Oh and don’t forget to ask for the retweet (RT)!

If your event is big enough or recurring, you could create a Twitter page for it (@YourEventHere). This not only gives it’s followers constant access and information, it gives the event credibility and instant publicity. Don’t annoy your followers with the same post every hour on the hour or “leading” tweets (i.e. “Hey check this out! insertlinkhere). Tweet during the event (or get a designated tweeter) and be sure to upload plenty of pics throughout the event via one of the picture clients like twitpic or plixi.

Make sure you keep tweeting to keep your followers (if you have a recurring event) and be sure to follow up about how it went when the event wraps up. *As a bonus, tweet during the event as well!*

2. Just Face It…

Creating a Facebook event page is still a great way to inform people about your upcoming event. Although a status update will get the word out as well, you can generally reach more people with a page by allowing your confirmed attendees to invite their Facebook friends as well. Note: a Facebook event page is different from creating a facebook event but you can opt to do that instead of or in conjuction with your event page.

3. Blog About It…

You may have an existing blog or you can opt to blog specifically for the event, either way its a great tool in marketing your event. A blog can be more intimate and detailed, which will really give those that read it an idea of what type of event this is and what is going into it. If there’s anything I’ve learned about blogging though is that it takes time and committment. Make sure you keep it up and be as detailed as you can. Share your progress while planning. If you’re working to get someone to come to the event, blog about it. If you’re working to choose vendors, blog about that too. You won’t only get people that check in to see how the event is coming along, you may get some really great comments and suggestions as well. This will help your event goers feel like they are right there with you throughout the entire process.

4. Briten up your Event…

Although there are multiple registration tools, one of my favorites is Eventbrite. Eventbrite not only allows you to share information about your event, it also works as a ticketing agent. Guests can go to your event’s page to buy their tickets or even donate to your cause. You can then print out your guest list, capture demographics, and send your confirmed guests emails as it regards to the event. Eventbrite will also follow up after your event and send helpful tips and tools with you as a registered member.

5. Watch this…

Youtube and UStream have given everyone the ability to to be at an event without leaving the house. Videos can serve you greatly if your event is a recurring one in that they can show people what they missed or remind people about the great time they had. Great for growing an event!

All Love…All the Time


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