DIY Centerpiece Ideas

My best friend is currently planning a bridal shower and after talking to her last night, I was inspired to blog some DIY centerpieces. There are several ways to have a professional looking centerpiece at DIY prices. Be sure to utilize your local craft stores as well as your closet Goodwill where you can find great deals on vases and other items.

Submerged Flowers…

This is a very popular trend right now. It’s a perfect way to cut down on your floral bill without cutting down on the beauty of having flowers. To execute this centerpiece, place the flower of choice into a vase and fill the vessel slowly with water. To make the flower more secure, you can also fill the bottom with marbles, sand, etc. To finish, top with a floating candle (optional).

Play with your Food…

This is a great idea for the “foodie” guest of honor/couple. This is also good for events that are centered around food like tastings, Saturday brunch, or dinner parties. In some cases, the centerpiece can invite guests to nibble while they wait for a main course or it can be used for the food to be served (see the oil example below…great for serving with bread or as a drizzle).

Check it out! Its Jell-O

Layer different spices like cinnamon, salt, and peppercorns for a kick!

Keep it Simple…

Using a single flower, again, is a great way to cut down on costs.

Turn different glasses upside down and top with a candle.


Light it Up…

Make candles the focal point of your centepiece. A beautiful way to do this is to find different candles that fit into your color scheme and simply place them in the center of your tables. This is also a beautiful way to decorate your coffee table or bathtub ledge.

Use tapered candles with different colored bottles for a beautiful glow.

Become one with Nature…

The use of natural items in a centepiece is beautifully modern. Branches, shells, and feathers make beautiful and cost effective leading actors.

Love the use of pearls!!!


BONUS…..had to add this one!

Use straight pins to create this beauty!


All Love…All the Time


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