SEVEN Ways to Save on Your Wedding

It’s wedding season! Let’s get right to it…here are SEVEN ways to save money on your wedding. Have any other ideas? Feel free to leave a comment below. 🙂

1. Hire a Planner…Ok, ok, I’m not just saying this because I’m a planner. A wedding planner can make sure that you stay within your initial set budget or come close to it. A planner usually has the industry knowledge to help you find the best vendors, venues, etc. for you. You’ll also find that some vendors will give you a discount for working with a preferred planner or a planner at all! Venues are especially fond of couples that choose to hire a planner because they are a lot less worried that something will be overlooked and you don’t have to use their in-house services (if applicable).

Even though this post is about saving money on your wedding, it’s also important to consider the time, energy, and peace of mind you will save by hiring a planner. You can worry about other things like looking beautiful and having a great time!

2. Go with an Off Season Date…During wedding season you’re not always just paying for a service, you’re paying for the fact that a vendor is going with your wedding instead of the James wedding. In off-peak months, more vendors will have less bookings meaning more options and cheaper prices in many cases. Wedding season is comprised of the months that most couples get married (May-October). Going hand in hand with this, you should try to buy flowers that are in season as well to save some money.

3. Timing is Everything…This is sort of a continuation of number 2. With Saturdays being the most popular day of the week to get married, many venues charge more or require a higher food/beverage minimum for that day. Many brides are now opting to get married on a Friday or Sunday to save money. Also, a money saver is changing the time of the wedding. Deciding to get married earlier in the day can not only save you money, it also helps if you are getting married on a day like Sunday because guests may have to get back into the swing of things for Monday morning. An earlier start time also enables you to do something else with your evening….great opportunity to get the two families together for something else or spend some QT with your new spouse.

4. DIY Where You Can…Great and easy money savers are items that you can do yourself. Printing your own invitations, creating centerpieces, putting together favors, etc. will help your budget in a major way.

Please Note: Be realistic. While you can save money, you don’t want to compromise the beauty or structure of your special day. If you’re not a great baker, let’s leave the wedding cake to the experts. Now, “the experts” don’t have to be in the ultra chic bakery. Think outside the box and opt for the bakery in your local grocery store or their floral department. 

5. Shop Smart…the best way to do this is being tuned in to local events in the city. Is a designer having a sample sale? Is a local boutique phasing out some dresses/suits from last season? Is a planner giving free consultations for their anniversary? Look to wedding blogs, department store/boutique announcements, etc. to stay informed.

6. Search for a Pre-decorated Venue…My mother got married in the garden of a popular Nashville park. She didn’t have to worry about decor or large floral costs. Looking for an indoor venue? Find a place that gets flowers delivered daily or has beautiful in-house furniture and fabrics. Decor is one of the largest costs seen by couples…get rid of it if you can.

7. Shop Around…Simple right? Some couples get so wrapped up in a name that they forget there are other, cheaper options. This is also the case when you wait to select your vendors…you kind of get stuck. Start early enough so you can properly compare and contrast the vendors for your big day. You’ll also feel confident that you made the best choice for your style and budget.

Please Note: Let vendors know that you’re shopping around. You’ll find that some give you a discount to book with them.

All Love…All the Time


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