WooHoo I’m Engaged!!! Ummm…..now what?? (Part I)

He asked….you said yes. Congrats! Now what…

What to do after you say yes is a question that a lot of brides have. You’ll get tons of advice, be offered plenty timelines, and be told what should happen next. Well, I’m not going to spare you any of that (lol). Here I’ll give you my two cents in a series of posts regarding what to do after he pops the question.

Breathe. Smile. Relax. Tell those you love. Now, we’re going to assume that ring fits perfectly, but if it doesn’t…step one is getting it sized. You don’t want to lose it because it’s too big or too small (you may take it off due to lack of blood flow to the finger). SO…since that’s not an issue….

Have a realistic and honest conversation about expectations…How involved do you expect him to be through this process? Who is footing the bill and for what? How big is this wedding party going to be? Should his bassett hound, Brock, really be the ring bearer or was that just a joke?

Having this kind of conversation is not a deal breaker and it is necessary. Just try not to freak out or turn into a drill sergeant. Make the conversation as stress free as possible and be sure to take his input seriously. Be sensitive to the things that he’s asking….yes, you’ve been planning this day since Mr. Q and Miss U walked down the aisle on The Letter People, but this is his day too. What things are important to you as individuals and as a couple? Come up with a game plan for certain aspects early….date, city, size. Knowing these things will help you as you move along.

Write it all down….You’re going to definitely need to reference what you discussed in “The Conversation” several times.

Write things down as you go. Take notes of who you talk to, put pictures in your book, and keep an accurate timeline and calendar. I’m a huuuuuge Franklin Covey fan. Click here to see what they have to offer to keep you organized. I’d suggest that you purchase something that will last you from engagement to honeymoon.

For Part I, the thing to take away is communication and organization as a couple. This is before you start to involve those you want in your wedding party, planners, and other vendors. It is so important to get those key aspects down as it helps you when talking/meeting with others. My suggested timeframe for this…1-2 weeks.


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