WooHoo I’m Engaged!!! Ummm…..now what?? (Part I)

He asked….you said yes. Congrats! Now what… What to do after you say yes is a question that a lot of brides have. You’ll get tons of advice, be offered plenty timelines, and be told what should happen next. Well, I’m not going to spare you any of that (lol). Here I’ll give you my … Continue reading

Tips for YOUR best Reception

Wedding day is about love, unity, family, and friends. A big part of the day is also the celebration. Many couples and guests look forward to the wedding reception. Not only is this a time to kick back and have fun, it serves as an indicator of the couple’s (read bride’s) style. Planning the ultimate … Continue reading

Wedding 101

Wedding 101…THE wedding resource for brides, wedding/event/DIY enthusiasts, and planners Wedding 101, located in The Factory at Franklin, offers the unique opporunity for guests to educate themselves on their options as well as get inspired for the big day. Of course, the 3,500 square foot studio would be a perfect place for individuals to come … Continue reading

SEVEN Ways to Save on Your Wedding

It’s wedding season! Let’s get right to it…here are SEVEN ways to save money on your wedding. Have any other ideas? Feel free to leave a comment below. 🙂 1. Hire a Planner…Ok, ok, I’m not just saying this because I’m a planner. A wedding planner can make sure that you stay within your initial … Continue reading

DIY Centerpiece Ideas

My best friend is currently planning a bridal shower and after talking to her last night, I was inspired to blog some DIY centerpieces. There are several ways to have a professional looking centerpiece at DIY prices. Be sure to utilize your local craft stores as well as your closet Goodwill where you can find great deals on … Continue reading

Signature Cocktails

Signature cocktails are a great way to add a more personal touch to your wedding or event. Although these drinks are usually based on a color that will echo that of the decor/theme, more and more people are choosing to offer their favorite drinks. Here are three ways to make sure your drink of choice … Continue reading

2011’s Top Wedding Dress Trends

Here, in no particular order, are my top ten wedding dress trends for brides-to-be this year. Take a Bow… Well, really I mean “bow” as in tie a bow 🙂 Bows have come back and are a very sought after detail in fashion. This holds true for wedding dresses as well. Bows can be added … Continue reading

The Purpose of a Theme

Event themes have become more and more popular for “mature” events. Often only used for kids’ parties and Sweet Sixteens, themes are used today for all kinds of events including weddings and adult birthday parties. Below, I have listed a few reasons why you should consider a theme for your next event. Focus Yourself… An event theme … Continue reading

2011’s Wedding Trends

2010 brought many wedding trends that are sticking around in 2011. The most influential trend of those is the DIY wedding. Below you will find this trend and others (new and “old”) that you’ll see this year. Add a Pop of Color Many brides are no longer dressed all in white. Although I have seen … Continue reading

Flower Alternatives

Be it allergies or aesthetics, many brides are now opting for an untradtional approach to wedding day flowers. Some of these wedding bouquets are also cost efficient as they can easily be DIY projects. The Brooch Bouquet: Probably my favorite, the brooch bouquet can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. This bouquet also allows … Continue reading

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